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The Mexican Rose September 2012 Example 4
When her husband is brutally murdered in broad daylight, schoolteacher-turned-heroine Rosa Ríos finds herself immersed in the blood soaked world of the Mexican drug cartels and discovers her premonition powers. She and her fly-by-night younger sister, Mercedes, travel across a lush, storied Latin American landscape, from the decaying seaside city of Acapulco to the mystical Mayan pyramids of Tulum and landing knee-deep in the hoopla of the drug-crazed Caribbean resort of Cancún.
Rosa’s quest for vengeance leads her to Ponchis, a brash 19 year old assassin whose actions determine the future of La Familia, the most prominent of the cartels. With him is Bruce, the charming American Vietnam-Vet pilot with a nightmarish past. When American and Mexican politics collide with the world of organized crime and corruption is the norm, who can be trusted? Only the humble psychic healer Tamara Castro may know for sure.
The Mexican Rose is the first book in the House Of Cartels Trilogy by author Alex St. Clair. It bluntly depicts the gripping erosion of the Mexican way of life in a way that shocks, intrigues and entertains.
The next installment, American Beauty Destroyed, will be an even more in-depth soul-searching voyage for Rosa Ríos and her American romantic counterpart. Due out in January 2013.

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